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They look so good together! Soo-jin and Cheol-soo!

They look so good together! Soo-jin and Cheol-soo!

A moment to Remember! <3

A moment to Remember! <3


FAITH IN HOPE: A critique about the movie, A MOMENT TO REMEMBER


A critique about the movie, A MOMENT TO REMEMBER

 “I’ll forget everything soon. I won’t know why you’re with me. You’ll be gone from my mind. And so will I. You understand? As my memory disappears, my soul will too. I’m scared.” – Soo-jin 

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia among older people. Dementia is a brain disorder that critically affects a person’s ability to carry out daily activities. AD begins slowly. It first involves the parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. People with AD may have trouble remembering things that happened recently or names of people they know. A related problem, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), causes more memory problems than normal for people of the same age. Many, but not all, people with MCI will develop AD. In some rare cases, AD can start earlier than usual. Some causes can be severe stress, large consumption of narcotics and tissue blockage in the brain. (NHI, 2011)

“If you forget everything, I’ll pop up out of nowhere. Like now. And I’ll hit on you. You won’t be able to turn me down. We’ll start anew every day. Like permanent dating. Awesome, isn’t it?” – Cheol-Soo

A Moment to Remember is a 2004 Korean love story is about a young couple’s enduring love, tested when 27-year old Soo-jin is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease. The movie showed foreshadowing method to incorporate the idea of the disease, clearly stating that the lead actress is dealing with it. It showed the reality of two lovers trying to get through the hardest part of their marriage. It did not end happily but ended with a glimpse of hope for both of the main characters.

“Why would your soul disappear? Get up. Leave it to me. I’m your memory. I’m your heart. Got that? No more tears.” – Cheol-Soo 


Woo-sung Jung, born as the youngest of three in Seoul, South Korea made his debut with a TV commercial in 1994 and applied for an open audition for a leading role in The Fox with Nine Tails opposite ‘So-Young Ko’. This role launched his career as one of the most promising actors in Korea. (ImDb, 2011)

He played Choi Cheul-Soo, the construction site’s foreman who is also aiming to become an architect. Cheul-Soo may appear like a rough and dirty construction worker initially, but he does exude sheer masculinity in its most basic physical form and is pretty handy when it comes to carpentry or house repairs. Woo-sung Jung played the role in a very realistic way. As the movie started, he showed a hard barrier that covers his feelings with the outside world but as he met Soo-jin he became softer and opened his heart to her. The inspiring part about the actor (Woo-sung Jung) is that he took part in the role, meaning, if any actor besides him played the role; the movie would have a different impact to the audience. In addition, his physique helped him in achieving a brusque, mysterious and stubborn character. As a whole, he gave justice to the character.



“I have an eraser in my head.” – Soo-jin

Ye-jin Son, born on January 11, 1982 in Daegu, Korea, became one of the stars of Chungmoore, the Korean Hollywood, notably appearing in the beautiful “Drunk on Women and Poetry.” (ImDb, 2011)

In 2004, she was given the lead role on the outstanding movie of all time, A moment to Remember, where she played Sun-jin or Soo-jin, a 27-year old woman who fell deeply in love with Choi Cheul-Soo, played by Woo-sung Jung, but she struggled when she later discovered that she has a rare case of Alzheimer’s disease. Her acting was brilliant for she portrayed a woman in love that can lose everything and everyone she truly cherished. She also showed how difficult and awful her situation was and how she wishes that she didn’t have to hurt her husband. She brought the audience to an overflow of emotions when she acted doom full. She was perfect for the role because she was passionate enough to make everyone believe that she has an incurable ailment. She gave justice to her role.


“When will I smoke this?”- Bum at the station

The movie expressed three main themes: love, forgiveness, and hope. Love was expressed in different levels—love for family, forbidden love, and an unconditional love. Forgiveness was portrayed during the scene where Cheul-soo and his mother were reconciling because of Soo-jin’s condition; also, during the scene where Soo-jin and her father discussed her affair with a married man. The most important theme of the movie is hope. It was shown in the movie many times but the most evident of all was at the last part where Soo-jin entered the convenient store and all of her memories seemed to regain and she remembered for a while. This shows that even of the hardest time there is still hope when someone seeks for it and fights for it.



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